Face form VS Frames

I thought it would be nice to have few photos of frames that I find fitting to each face form
And as I work in the Specsavers group I use the frames from them as examples.

Round face form:

Photo 2013-05-16 08.12.54 f.m.

his titanium is good for the round face with the light and thin rectangular frame and a wider top than bottom which makes the face form less round. Colour is not black but dark blue that gives the frame visuality but doesn’t overpower the face.


As a statement frame this is a good form for the round face, as the previous it has the same rectangular form that become narrower in the bottom. And the colour is light brown that doesn’t become to dominant but fits almost all colour skin types.

Oval face form:


Oval is the face form that can take allmost all frames except round. This heavy top rectangular frame gives the face a strong masculin outcome.


This square one changes the face form to more square and the colour again not dominant but visual.


Here is a light metal frame that is rectangular and gives the face wideness instead of long oval form.


The nylon stainless steel frame with the light bottom and the metal top gives wideness with out heaving the face with the frame.

Square face form:


Titanium square frame that follow the wide jaw that is signature of the square face form.


Round frame that put more softness over the more hard masculine face form.

Rectangular face form:


This rectangular wide frame makes the face more wider and makes the long face more square.


Here is a square frame that allows the face to keep its form, keeps harmony between face and frame.


And this statement frame with black top and clear narrower bottom makes the face narrower.

Diamond face form:


Sporty frame that helps to make the area around the eyes wide, so the diamond face form holds untouched.


Round frame that puts more body in the face that typically is a thin face form.


Classic rectangular frame with slightly narrower bottom that makes harmony with the face form.

To find these frames in the article you can visit the home page.


Or for english version.



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