How to make your unique glasses 

I got those beautiful glasses from William Morris London eyewear

My William Morris glasses 👓
And to complete this great design I got the newest design in progressive lenses from Essilor the varilux X series and to be a bit more than just glasses I order them with transition Xtractive Brown e-mirror Bronze

Varilux X series and William Morris

Varilux X series
As you can see there’s mirror and the xtra active transitions, make the lens change from indoors slight tint brown to 90% brown in the sun ☀️,  so you can use the glasses as light indoors sunglasses 🕶 to full functional sunglasses in the sunny 😎 sommerdays. The great thing is that in the lens it self the X is designed for the multi working people of generation X. With all those different screens people work on today, there is the need of glas that helps you see clearly at 40-100 cm distance, without moving your head up or sideways to see clearly and as well to be able to use them as normal distance glasses 👓.

See more here on YouTube

The result of that all together is these great eyewear from William Morris London with the French lenses from Essilor.

Pure beauty 😍
See more at these websites

Varilux X Series 

William Morris London

Love my new glasses

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